Fans running full speed after waking computer from sleep mode

I'm running Windows 10
Motherboard: Asus 970 Gaming Pro Aura
Fans: Corsair AF120, and the fan came with my Thermaltake case

I am running speed fan and I have Q-Fan control enabled in the BIOS. This problem happens weather I run speed fan or AI Suite 3.

When I turn on the PC the fans connected to CHA_2 and CHA_3 run normal, based on what is controlling them. As the CPU temp changes the fans speed up or slow down respectively. If I put the PC to sleep however, when I wake the PC up, those 2 fans run at 100% no matter what I try.
It's like this regardless of weather I am running speed fan, AI suite, or I have no controlling software installed at all. The CPU fan and fan connected to CHA_1 run fine.

I wouldn't care but they are very loud.

I have scoured the internet for a solution, but alas, I have found nothing to ease the strain on my ear drums. Any help with this would be much appreciated, because it's really fricking annoying.

Thanks yo.
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  1. Whatever that issue is, it sounds like a mobo problem. I would urge you to talk to asus though sometimes their customer service is less than desirable. Here someone has a similar issue (was it your post?)
    If they can't give you some sort of bios update that resolves the issue, it's grounds for RMA.
  2. That wasn't my post, but the exact same problem. Not the answer I was hoping for, but the answer I was expecting. Thank you for the reply.
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