Refresh rate keep changing from 60hz to 75hz

Hello i have LG Flatron W1934S old i think 10+ years.
I had not problem till now. I use HDMI to VGA adapter and my resolution in boot up keep changing in full hd automaticaly so it shows only black screen, i fixed that with turning of monitor from power before booting up pc, but now i see second problem happening. When i try to play game (in this case The Sims 4 and Mortal Kombat XL) i have problems that when i start game automaticaly display shut down and get message OUT OF RANGE 75.0kHz / 60.0Hz (Dont have this message when play league of legend, CODWW2Beta, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, Warframe, Dark Souls and Fifa17). When i check my monitor refresh rate its sometime set to 75 and sometime not (native 60).
Can u help me fix my second problem with this OUT OF RANGE problem, why my games automaticaly set resolution to maximum with 75Hz.

I have 8GB Ram
Rx-470 Strix
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