Help me picking a monitor for photographer, please!

Hallo everybody, back here to request for your help

I'm desperate do find my new display, I bought my brand new pc but it's powerless w/out a monitor!

I'm a photographer and videoeditor, casual gamer, don't care about getting a gaming display but I have a gtx 1070 if u ask me.

I'm looking for a 28"-32" UHD under 800€, IPS I assume, with a known color space.

Can you guys help me?

Thank you so much
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  1. BenQ PD3200U or NEC EA275UHD, ViewSonic VP2780-4K for cheaper options. You won't get as good of a monitor if you want 4k with that budget. For better gamut and accuracy I'd go with BenQ SW2700PT. It's the only lower price monitor with ~99% adobe rgb and srgb. Anything else with that is going to be nearly double the price.
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