Games are crashing to Desktop WITHOUT error message

Please help. I love Divinity 2, but it keeps just crashing on me after a period of time. It will close to desktop randomly without any message whatsoever. I will be playing and BOOM suddenly Im just on my desktop as if I never even opened the game.
I have updated my drivers and taken apart my tower, dusting it out (it wasnt bad). Neither of those worked.

I have a Geforce 980 ti SC (it came with the superclocked "SC" label, I didn't over clock it) My processor is a Skylake i7-6700

Sometimes the game will run for an hour or two, sometimes it'll run for 5 minutes. Either way it just randomly exits. No error message, nothing.... just my desktop again.

I want to be able to play Divinity 2 without being interrupted so badly! Now that I think about it, this also happened with "The Division" and "Prey" and it doesnt happen in "Overwatch"
Please help!
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