Samsung 960 EVO or Toshiba to run OS

Hi, apologies if this has been asked before, I am new to PC gaming and the subsequent pitfalls with components.
I have an Alienware 15R3 with a Toshiba 250BG SSD m.2 and a standard 1tb HDD. Although there was no major issue, I wanted a faster SSD + more storage. So bought the Samsung 960 EVO 250gb m.2 with the idea that I would install the OS and a few select games (PUBG, Pcars2, F1 2017) on to it. Then using the Toshiba/HDD for storage. After cloning the old SSD with Paragon, and messing it up beyond belief.. Window refresh came to the rescue, it was pointed out to me that I should leave the OS on the Toshiba SSD and run the games from the EVO.

What is recommended? using the much faster read/write EVO or Toshiba (which isn't slow) for the OS? And, if I use the EVO as the games storage, is just downloading to it so steam knowns where it is getting the best out of it?

Again, I'm really sorry if I'm asking silly questions.

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