Can I use DVI-I Female to VGA Male adapter on my old monitor?

I'm planning to buy a new GPU, it's the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GT OC
But the problem is I only have my old monitor which only has a VGA port, can I use this adapter connected to my monitor to get the card running?
I tried looking for a DVI-D adapter but I can't find any selling in my country or would it be better to buy a new monitor alltogether?
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  1. You need an ACTIVE converter adapter.
    Looks like this ^
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    A new monitor would be best, and 1080p monitors are cheap now + would be a fine match for a 1050Ti.

    Not only is that DVI-I adapter not going to work on the 1050Ti's DVI-D port, but an adapter with that gender on both ends would only work with a DVI-I cable. The only kind of adapter that works is the kind that's powered (usually from a USB port), and the resulting image quality depends on the quality of the components inside so a godd one is not going to be cheap.
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