I NEED HELP!!! I just made me a new computer, and know my brother keeps playing on it now my mom thinking of selling it HELP!!

I Need some parts from people who can give me some I hate sounding needy and if I had a job I would pay but I just want to stop having to fight about who gets to be on my computer. Also I would love to play with my brother it would let us have a great time. Thanks for reading if you did :)
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  1. How does your brother playing on your PC equate to needing more parts, especially for free? At some point you half to take responsibility for what you started. If nothing else it will set a good example for your bro. Asking for free parts on a forum, especially when you're blaming everything on your brother, is kinda lame quite honestly.
  2. 1) You cant ask people for donations
    2) We have no business getting involved with your family matters, you have to settle that on your own.
  3. read the forum rule
    13. Soliciting of any kind. This pertains to all forms of crowdfunding, charities of all kinds, and personal panhandling/begging.
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