Computer showing vertical lines with buzzing sound from headset/speakers

I have an old machine, but still decent,
Athlon x4 860k
r9 270x 2gb
8gb of ram
550w psu Raidmax cobra 80+bronze
I had this problem about a year ago also, but i dont remember how i fixed it. So basically whenever i play a game my computer freezes and afer few seconds my display shows some vertical lines with a dark background and makes a buzzing noise from my headset and i have to hard reset my computer. The thing is, yesterday it worked fine until i updated Windows10. I assumed its the drivers fault but i deleted old drivers and downloaded the latest ones for AMD 17.9.3 but the problem still occurs, what could the problem be?
Could the HDMI audio driver from my monitor cause it? Should i disable it? Because it was disabled before win10 updates
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  1. Things i've tried:
    Updating grapich card drivers
    Deleting old grapich card drivers and installing new ones
    Disabling and deleting AMD HD Audio drivers (using realtek)
    Disabling and deleting HDMI Audio drivers
    Deleting windows10 update
    Recovered an old version of Windows10 before the update.
    Nothing above worked. I can browse the internet watch videos etc, but when i play games it crashes, sometimes i can play 2mins sometimes 15 but it just crashes. Whats the problem here?
    I get something similar to this
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