X299 Build Question: 2X GPUs + 1X PCI-E M.2 + TB3

Ahoy there,

Putting together a build list for a new X299 system now that the 16 and 18 core i9s are incoming. I deal with fairly high resolution footage and GPU acceleration is very real for me and I want to have a fast drive to handle quick turnarounds.

So on this box, I'm thinking ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe mobo with:
- 2X Nvidia GPUs
- 1X PCI-E M.2 Drive (undecided which)
- 1X Thunderbolt 3 Add-On Card

From the specs I think I'm "working in bounds for 16X PCI-E, but just curious if anybody has any thoughts on this or if I'm stepping on anything speed-wise.

Thanks for the help. Scared as hell because this will be like 2X my last workstation cost-wise.
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