Motherboard dead, replacement advice needed

My Mum's PC has died and I'm pretty sure it's just the motherboard, as it's had issues for a while, with the sound failing first, so I got her a USB soundcard, then I think there were some issues with the USB ports.

Anyway, it's a Asus M4A785TD-V EVO with an Athlon II X3 CPU and 4GB DDR3. It's not much but she only uses it for light tasks like browsing, Word, watching videos, social media, etc, so it's adequate.

I've got a spare PC consisting of a MSI 990FXA-GD80, Phenom II X4 955 BE (overclocked, with a heavy duty heatsink) and 8GB Corsair Vengeance LP DDR3. I'm trying to decide whether I should just give her that, or at least the motherboard, or if it would make more sense to sell those components and just buy her a replacement motherboard. Looking at e-bay, I might be able to get £60 for the motherboard, £40 for the CPU, £30 for the RAM. I've also got a 1GB 6850, a 1TB HDD and a Nexus Value 430 CPU in there, which I might get £30 each for, so let's say a total of £220 (I can't estimate for the heatsink as I'm not sure what model it is right now). Maybe I could get more for it as a complete system, it's in a decent case (Thermaltake Bach VX) but there's a bit of a scratch on the top towards the rear? When I eventually finish renovating my flat I'm going to build myself a new second system for music composition, which this one is a bit long in the tooth for now and the case isn't great for cable management, so the only thing I might keep is the PSU as it's quiet and the HDD.

If I just buy her a replacement motherboard there are some Asus M4A785TD-V EVOs on e-bay for around £50 but maybe there's a more reliable motherboard it would be better to buy instead?
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  1. I say give her your old 990fx phenom system and sale the slow Athlon.
    don't buy old out of date hardware if you don't have to.
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  2. Thanks for the advice trampus123, that makes sense. I might just give her the motherboard and CPU and sell the rest, as she already has a PSU, RAM, SSD so doesn't really need my other components.
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