BSOD can't boot into windows 10

Hello,it all started to show the blue screen when I turned off my switch of the plug for the pc too early.When I turned my pic back on,it showed me blue screen and the process kept occurring just like a loop.My PC is custom built.i tried all the repairing methods that Microsoft offered such as to reset pc,using the command prompt,restore from last session and the image thingy(I have no backup so yeah).What can I do?
Sorry for my bad English.
All answers are appreciated.
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  1. What are the system specs?
    - CPU
    - RAM
    - GPU
    - HDD/SSD
    - Motherboard
    - PSU
    - Cooler

    What BSOD's do you see? Or is it a blue screen without any text?
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  2. CPU Pentium g4560
    - RAM Kingston ValueRam 2400mhz
    - GPU msi Aero itx gtx 1050
    - HDD/SSD Western digital 1TB 7200rpm
    - Motherboard Asrock b250m-hdv
    - PSU thermal take 550watt psu(not sure but somewhere around that wattage.
    - Cooler stock Intel heatsink
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  3. It says that my PC ran into a problem and that are collecting information from my PC. And then it has given me a stop code. And then the loop occurred again and again I tried all of the methods to repair my PC. It all doesn't work at all. Pls help!
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  4. What is the stop code..
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  5. 0xc000021a
    I think it is something like this
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    That error code means that a Windows process, one that is marked as critical, has been terminated. One of the exceptions wherein usermode can cause a BSOD.
    Certain processes are marked as critical, because Windows cannot function without them, as such any attempt to alter or terminate them results in a system crash.

    This crash is commonly caused by bad RAM or HDD failure, the Windows tools are often not good enough as they can't detect the problem.

    Please try to run the following, bootable, tests
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  7. ]I'll see if it works, I'll leave an answer to question you.
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