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The main issue is the monitor keeps blinking. It tries to turn on for 2 secs but shuts off again. This goes on a loop. Its not just losing signal from pc, it literally looses power as indicated by power light turning off.
This happens when:
I turn the monitor back on after I had just shut it off. This would keep on happening for about 15 to 30 minutes. This is regardless of whether I shut down the pc itself or just press the power button on the monitor to turn it off.
Please note though that it would work just fine when I initially turn it on, meaning when its not been used for a few hours prior.

Troubleshooting steps I've done so far:

1.Replace cables - done that. replaced dvi, vga, and power cable. Issue still happening.
2. Plugged it into the gpu and mobo directly - no dice.
3. Self test by removing dvi cable and powering it on - hit or a miss. Most of the time it would pass. Interestingly, though, I notice that it would turn on when the DVI is unplugged. But if I plug the dvi cable back in, issue would happen again. Like it doesn't have enough juice to show the picture from the pc so it shuts down.

Anyway, to fix this, I would have to wait for like 30 mins prior to turning it off, before I can use it again. Which is really bad news if I'm in a hurry, or perhaps a program just needs a quick restart.

What do you reckon is wrong with my monitor? And is it possible to fix it myself? ( I can solder and stuff).
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  1. did you try another cable from pc to monitor and could you check system using another monitor or tv that could receive pc signal .
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  2. scout_03 said:
    did you try another cable from pc to monitor and could you check system using another monito or tv that could receive pc signal .

    you mean another dvi cable? Yes I did, also tried vga. Happened on both of them
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  3. even on another monitor but i would try factory reset you original monitor using is user manual to see how to do it .
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