ASUS 970 Will Not Boot With EATX12V 8 Pin Connected

I built a computer around this motherboard about a year ago and it has been running great so far. Until yesterday that is. Now it will not boot up. I have narrowed it to either the motherboard or the CPU, is there a way to determine which is the culprit? I do not have a spare motherboard or cpu to test with.

Starts to boot but shuts off after a few seconds
Starts to show POST before shutting off

What I've tried:
Disconnect everything except GPU, 1 RAM stick from mobo and main power connector - powers on and stays on but does not boot or show POST
Reconnect EATX12V 8 pin (CPU power I believe) - same symptoms as before, starts to boot, shows POST then shuts off
Moved GPU to different slot - same results
Tried different GPU - same results
Swapped RAM sticks and slots - same results
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