60hz vs 75hz on 60fps

Hello guys,
My question is im looking for a new monitor and saw one thats on 75hz
Now my game is only at 50-60hz at the most.
Am i gonna see a difference when i have 75hz or should i stick with 60hz bevause im not passing 60fps ingame? Or are there other things in 75hz 60fps that makes it nicer.

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    You can only display fps equal to or less than the refresh rate (hz) of your monitor.

    To answer the question - no, you wouldn't see a difference unless your GPU outputs more frames per second than the refresh rate of the monitor.
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  2. 60 fps on 60 hz vs 75hz:
    - from smoothness, no difference
    - on 75hz, you have less chance of seeing screen tearing without freesync

    remember! 75hz means also the max fps. If you have 75hz monitor and if you pc can push 75 fps, you will see 75 fps.
    if your pc can do 75 fps but your monitor can only 60hz, you will see only 60 fps with high possibility of screen tearing, if you disable VSync.
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