Ryzen R5 1600 temperature and voltage changing

I know there are alot of topics about it but my case is a bit specific because things changed when i didnt change anything. :D
I am kinda new to all this overclocking and things because i didnt have the money to set up a new configuration but now that i have one im learning new things every day.
First of all i havent been english that much for explaining PC related problems so if you cant understand something ask me ill try to explain more.
Ryzen R5 1600
ASUS Prime b350M-A ( i screwed up i thought i ordered the PRO4 but it was already assembled and i couldnt return it)
So first of all a friend of mine installed windows and everything. He installed AL 3 Suite.
I use it to control fans because of the build in fan Xpert . I was setting them to standart but there were some spikes that made them go on turbo mode. Decided to go check out in BIOS whats going on. I didnt manage to fix things but i noticed a few things.
First of all CPU Frequency was set to 3.5 ghz i saw this in AL3 suite and i thought cool my friend clocked it a bit for me. But he told me that he didnt.
Second AL 3 Suite was showing me different temps while CPU temp in bios all the time at 45+degrees.
VDDCR Voltage was set to 1.373v and it was constant in AL3 Suite and BIOS.
This is picture from the bios.

I exited the bios and i changed only the fan settings.
When i opened AL3 Suite VDDCR CPU Voltages were going down when the PC is idle and when i open browser they go up and so does my CPU temperature going up to 45.

It wasnt like this before i entered the bios opening browser listening to music and other stuff my CPU was at 35C and voltages were constant value. I dont know maybe i changed something and i didnt notice at the confirmation screen i dont know :/
When i opened google chrome i got up to 50C for 1 minute fans are set at turbo.
So my questions are:
1. What caused the VDDCR Voltage go down when im not doing anything ?
2. Is it a problem that im having those spikes in temperature and voltages ? Are they going to lead to shorter life of the CPU ?
3. Should i deinstall this AL3 Suite that is driving me crazy set default options to the BIOS and overclock it on my own trough the BIOS ?
4. What EZ TUNING ASUS PROFILE should i use if i do it ?
Sorry for the wrong post. Sorry for asking stuff over and over again but im really frustrated because i didnt have such issues before going to the bios.

Cheers !
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  1. Im double posting. I removed the AL3 suite set bios to default settings overclocked it @3700mhz i even have better score in cinebench but the problem with the temperature still remains - VCORE goes up and down in idle and temperature goes up and down from 35C to 50C :/
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