Ryzen R5 1600 temperature and voltage changing

I know there are alot of topics about it but my case is a bit specific because things changed when i didnt change anything. :D
I am kinda new to all this overclocking and things because i didnt have the money to set up a new configuration but now that i have one im learning new things every day.
First of all i havent been english that much for explaining PC related problems so if you cant understand something ask me ill try to explain more.
Ryzen R5 1600
ASUS Prime b350M-A ( i screwed up i thought i ordered the PRO4 but it was already assembled and i couldnt return it)
So first of all a friend of mine installed windows and everything. He installed AL 3 Suite.
I use it to control fans because of the build in fan Xpert . I was setting them to standart but there were some spikes that made them go on turbo mode. Decided to go check out in BIOS whats going on. I didnt manage to fix things but i noticed a few things.
First of all CPU Frequency was set to 3.5 ghz i saw this in AL3 suite and i thought cool my friend clocked it a bit for me. But he told me that he didnt.
Second AL 3 Suite was showing me different temps while CPU temp in bios all the time at 45+degrees.
VDDCR Voltage was set to 1.373v and it was constant in AL3 Suite and BIOS.
This is picture from the bios.

I exited the bios and i changed only the fan settings.
When i opened AL3 Suite VDDCR CPU Voltages were going down when the PC is idle and when i open browser they go up and so does my CPU temperature going up to 45.

It wasnt like this before i entered the bios opening browser listening to music and other stuff my CPU was at 35C and voltages were constant value. I dont know maybe i changed something and i didnt notice at the confirmation screen i dont know :/
When i opened google chrome i got up to 50C for 1 minute fans are set at turbo.
So my questions are:
1. What caused the VDDCR Voltage go down when im not doing anything ?
2. Is it a problem that im having those spikes in temperature and voltages ? Are they going to lead to shorter life of the CPU ?
3. Should i deinstall this AL3 Suite that is driving me crazy set default options to the BIOS and overclock it on my own trough the BIOS ?
4. What EZ TUNING ASUS PROFILE should i use if i do it ?
Sorry for the wrong post. Sorry for asking stuff over and over again but im really frustrated because i didnt have such issues before going to the bios.

Cheers !
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  1. Im double posting. I removed the AL3 suite set bios to default settings overclocked it @3700mhz i even have better score in cinebench but the problem with the temperature still remains - VCORE goes up and down in idle and temperature goes up and down from 35C to 50C :/
  2. Y got problem with my build r5 1600 and mono Asus b350 plus but wat I did was to install more intake cooler i got 5 in total An aolso I dril some holes at the bottom now I'm waiting for new thermal pasta an liquid metal to be more specific my temps are 30 to 40 wen do browser and 55 to 60 wile gaming I will post back after work more with my pc u can try to remove the front panel and find out if the case is the problem to u temps because my is the problem if I remove the front panel I get a lot better temps like 10 t0 20 drop be safe
  3. Sounds like your power plan within windows is causing it to cycle down the cpu when not busy, then spike up when it needs max power. Check to see if your power plan is set to balanced. You could swap to performance and set the CPU state to 100% for the min and max. That might keep both the CPU and voltage more consistent.
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