Problem with ram frequency

Hello There !

I am having little problem with hyperx memory module and a little help would be great. I will try to explain in details.

My motherboard is GA-H110M-S2PH (rev. 1.0) . The link :

The memory module that I have is : HX424C15FB/8 (link: )

I updated the bios of my motherboard to the latest version F22a link:

The issue is when I boot I can enter into bios, change the settings and can do everything. From the bios I saw that my memory module (hyperx fury) was running at 2400 Hz.

I first faced the problem when I tried to install windows 10 professional edition. The installer was stuck and I got an error "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR".

I replaced every individual component (processor, mobo, ram stick) and found that the Ram was causing the issue.

I replaced the ram with a G-skill ripjaws (2400 hz) module and everything was fine, I was able to install windows and I ran my pc for 24 hours without any problem. I checked the bios and the ripjaw module was running at 2133 hz.

Then I installed my Hyperx fury ram in my cousin's motherboard (Asus B150) and it was doing great, no issues. But it was running at 2133 hz. Seems asus bios lowered ram frequency automatically and the system was stable.

So it seems to me the problem is in case of my motherboard the frequency (2400Hz) seems to be unstable and the bios is not lowering it automatically however my mobo/bios was able to handle ripjaw 2400 bus ram and lowered the frequency to 2133 automatically and the system ran in an stable manner.

Seems my hyperx fury ram and motherboard are not communicating with each other properly.

I guess I have explained the issue very clearly. can you please advise me how to solve the problem ? Do I need to change ram frequency settings manually in bios ? I can do that, but just thought I should discuss with others before doing so. One more thing, in-case of ripjaws ram I see the option to enable/disable option for intel xmp profile but in case of hyperx fury ram I do not see those options.

Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.
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