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OK so I am really confused and not that great with electronics. This is going to be my first PC boot and I have no idea what to do.
Can I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the BIOS setup? (I only have a Bluetooth one) Will anything bad happen if I don't use a wired one?
Do I have to use VGA or can I just use HDMI?(no GPU)
Where do I download the Motherboard drivers after Windows 10 installation?
Is it always F11 for getting into BIOS?
The only screen I have is a TV can I use that for first boot?

Here are the specs
CPU-i3-7100 Dual Core 3.9GHZ 3MB
Memory - 8gb DDR4
Storage- 1TB HDD
PSU- 400W
Motherboard- ASRock H110M-HDV R3

What are the steps to installing Windows 10?
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    problem with using bluetooth is windows may not have the drivers for them until further into the install process, better to use wired as they normally work better

    can use vga or hdm, your choice
    Drivers: Go to this link and download the app store. run it and it will check your drivers:
    I think F12 gets you into the boot menu, the Bios is F2 at startup from what I can see. It will tell you in the manual.
    TV: um, it might work, if its attached via hdmi. Never actually done it.

    Follow this: its for a clean install over windows but its generally same process
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