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Hey guys, so my problem is: Almost in every game (mainly Gta 5 and Witcher 3) i got really bad antialiasing. Even if i set MSAA x8 in gta 5, I still get brutal jaggies and flickering edges. I already tried: Set resolution to 2K and 4K, changed some settings at nvidia control panel and nvidia inspector and still the problem is not solved. I dont know what is wrong, Im rlly confused. In this video you can see, game look absolutly amazing. No flickering shadows, no texture bugs, no jaggies, straight edges. It looks 100 times better than my game. I dont know what is wrong. The video is from 2015, so maybe they downgraded graphics in last 2 years. I dont know. Do u have some ideas ? Thanks.

CPU: Intel Core I5 6500
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  1. Modern game engines with "deferred rendering" do not support simple AA options such as MSAA or SSAA. You could use AMD's VSR or nVidia's DSR to run the game at higher resolution and have it downsampled to your monitor's native resolution as a type of supersampling AA, but note this downsampling is performed with a less effective ordered grid which isn't as attractive as the old rotated grid supersampling.
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