Any way to "power-off" the left and right edges of a widescreen?

Hey guys, I wanted to ask whether there's a way I can "cut" the left and right edges of the monitor, i.e. decrease the resolution from full hd to 1600:1200 (which is 4:3) and just scale it appropriately so that I can artificially replicate a 4:3 display by "turning off" parts of the monitor for browsing and reading, since I find the 16:9 ratio annoying for those activities (you're either left with 30% of the webpage in its background colour if its centered or you have to manually center it yourself if you don't want to look to the left at all times). I hope I got my idea across, thanks in advance.
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  1. power off, not likely.
    if it is that bothersome you could cut 2 strips of cardboard and hang on either side of the screen.

    I use ctrl and + together to increase the page size until it fills the screen. this was my solution at least
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    Some monitors and video card options have a scaling option to stretch the screen to full when on a different resolution. Find that and shut it off. Then when you set your 3:4 resolution it will run it in a square with black around it.
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  3. Thank you, I tinkered a bit with the AMD settings, sadly the 1600x1200 option disappeared when I turn the scaling on, since I presume 1080 < 1200, but I did manage to "center" 1680x1050 (16:10) which is still an improvement in the desired direction.
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