How to boot external HDD with USB 3.0 ports

I have installed windows 10 pro onto my external hdd and I was able to boot it up quite right , but the thing is I can only boot using 2.0 ports , when I try to boot it from 3.0 ports bios detects the drive after selecting boot drive it only shows a black screen ,
My guess is os couldn't load usb 3.0 drivers to boot itself ,

If anyone can provide any assistance pls do..
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  1. Yeah, it often does not work. Windows 10 just doesn't work well with USB 3.0 for things like boot. What is your motherboard, etc?

    Updating the BIOS might work. Windows 10 often does not have the USB 3.0 drivers at boot, but sees it when booted. Windows 10 bootloader isn't that smart. The next release of Windows might fix this.
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