GTX 1050Ti in my older HP Elite 7000 MT

Hello all

As I would like to get into PC gaming, but lack a decent desktop at the moment, I had the idea to adapt my old HP Elite 7000 MT for my gaming needs. I'm not interested in being able to play the most demanding titles, or playing on ultra settings. I would like to comfortably play less demanding games and maybe some bigger titles on lower settings. These are the specs of the desktop at the moment:

CPU: Intel i5 750 2.66 GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 (PCIe x16)
Motherboard: MS 7613
RAM: (2x2) 4GB DDR3, there's 4 slots total, max. 8GB
PSU: Liteon PS-5301-08HF 300W
HDD: WD5000AAKX, 500GB, SATA 6GB/s

So my idea (as a total noob) was to throw in the NVIDIA GeForce 1050Ti, and buy an extra (2x2) 4GB DDR3 RAM, which would put me at 8GB RAM total. That would be around $200 total.

My question in short is: would I be able to play the games I want to play if I make these modifications?

Will the new GPU be bottlenecked by my older CPU? Is the CPU in itself even sufficient to play games? Is the motherboard capable of handling what I'm trying to do with it? Does my power supply offer enough power for the new build I'm making?

I've tried looking up a bunch of this stuff, but it's hard to find information about the specific thing I'm trying to do, hence why I'm posting here. Thanks in advance to everyone answering!
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  1. well Yes your Cpu will bottleneck for sure and as for Your PSU you are just sitting on the Line it may work with 1050ti if not then you have to buy the CPU for sure.
    you can play games but in some games which are CPU dependent too you will fell Low FPS
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