Difficulty Booting Windows 10 from a NVMe SSD with an Asus Z97-A MB

Hi everyone,

I bought a new NVme SSD and the Asus Hyper Mini expansion card and put W10 on it, but my PC would not boot up until I removed W10 from my other SSD's. But even then there was problems, I had to disable all other boot options in the BIOS and leave just option 1for the NVMe SSD before it would boot up. So I looked around the internet and saw this on a site:

'A lot hardware / software doesn’t yet support NVMe as a boot drive. You may have to use a very small SATA drive for the OS'

Does that mean that lots of Mb's have trouble booting from NVMe SSD drives, and what does it mean by using a small normal SATA for your operating system? I didn't think you could have all your software on a different hard drive from your OS. I have data on different hard drives.
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    Z97 is a 2014ish year motherboard and there was not much demand for NVMe boot drives at that time.

    Modern boards dont have an issue with this, but it is not uncommon for boards in your generation era to have issues.

    You can have programs on a different drive than your OS, it just means it needs the data on the programs drive AND the data in the registry keys on the windows OS drive to work.

    If it will work with all other boot options turned off then just leave it that, on the rare occasion you need to boot from something else then go into bios and change it.
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