Various Bluescreens while booting up Windows 10

I've been occasionally getting a Bluescreen saying "Memory Management " for the last three weeks. I didn't worry to much about it since it only appeared every couple if days and I thought it would stop eventually.
This week it's been getting worse and worse, and now I'm at the point where the Pc won't even boot up because it's getting tons of Bluescreens in alternating resolution and with the following codes:

+ System Service Exception
- System Service Exception Win32kfull.sys
- System Service Exception Cl.dll
- System Service Exception dxgkrnl.sys
+ Memory Management
+ Bad Pool Caller
- Page Fault in Nonpaged Area
- System PTE Misuse
- System Thread Exception not handled
- IRQL not less or equal
- Quota Underflow
- Reference by Pointer
- Kernel Data Inpage Error
- Critical Process died
- Attempt to write in Readonly Memory
- 0xc0000139
- 0xc000021a
Possibly even more.
The most common have a +

It keeps rebooting over and over again but it keeps getting a different Bluescreen almost every time.
Also it doesn't stop unless you hold the power button.

I've tried resetting it without deleting my personal files, but after getting that far without a bluescreen it just said that it failed because it was already at factory state, which is not true since the few times I managed to get to the desktop, everything looked as usual.

My setup is:
- Intel Core i5-7600k 3,8GHz
- MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X 11G
- 2x 8GB Corsair Vengeance LPX black DDR4-RAM 3000MHz
- Asus PRIME Z270-K
- 500GB SSD
- Windows 10 Home 64x

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. First suspect would be a power problem.

    How old is your PC and what power supply (PSU) is installed?

    Make, model, wattage?

    Do you know how old the PSU is?

    If/when the date and time are displayed are they correct?
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  2. @Ralston18
    The PSU is the be quiet! Pure Power 10 with 700W

    I got the Pc built this May so age shouldn't be an issue.

    I didn't check time and date the few times got to the desktop. But shortly before all this started it was correct.
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  3. Age is only one factor. New devices can fail - sometimes very quickly as manufacturer's cut costs and corners.

    For the moment, turn off the computer and open it up. Check all of the connections, cards, memory, modules, and jumpers.

    Ensure that all are firmly in place and snug. Look for any pieces of debris, loose wires, missing screws etc. Anything that would cause a power disconnection or even a minor short somewhere.

    Any warranty left? Could be that something is in the process of failing. Heat is an enemy of electronics and some marginal component may be getting ready to just die - maybe within a few more heat up/cool down cycles.

    Recommend that you backup and verify any important data should something catastrophic happen...
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  4. @Ralston18
    I do still have warranty left and I'm planing to send the pc back to the company that built it. But before that I wanted to do a backup of my data.
    At the moment the only way I might get access to my files is if I pull the drives and plug them into my old pc. I'm not sure if that will cancel the warranty though, so I'll contact the manufacturer to see if it's ok.

    The GPU temps were around 60-80°C while gaming.
    Would You say this is already an unhealthy region?

    I'm really hoping it's just some faulty hardware except for the storages, so I don't have to do a complete reinstall and lose all my data.
    Maybe I completely fried something by leaving it in that restart to bluescreen loop for at least two hours.

    I'll check the wiring and stuff to see if that fixes anything.
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  5. Temperatures seem to be somewhat on the high side. Check the GPU specifications to be sure.

    If so, also take a look at the fans and airflows. Maybe not set up as they should be. Or some blockage is occurring. Make sure there is adequate space around the computer to permit air flow.
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  6. @Ralston18
    The temps seem to be supposed to be in this area.
    Airflow shouldn't be an issue either.

    I just had a friend over who recently had a similar problem. He told me that the latest nvidia drivers wouldn't work properly on windows 10 and cause crashes simular to mine.
    His fix was to remove the gpu and boot windows in safemode to go back to an automated backup where this driver was not installed.
    I'm currently trying to do that but this interesting piece of materials keeps crashing every 20 seconds...
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  7. Hi stefan.909st,

    The fact that you have that much different BSODs say it is a hardware issue we may not be able to help you with other than guidance.
    Your best bet, as you say, is to bring back the system to the shop where you got it.
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  8. The failure to boot into safe mode raises another concern.

    Hold on "starts" and take a very close look at the CPU and the area around it.

    Any signs of thermal paste oozing out? Is the cooling fan working?

    Does the motherboard seem in-duly hot in that area?

    (Side note: I understand that it is all frustrating but this is a family friendly forum. Please tone back the *#@$%". Thanks.)
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  9. @Ralston18 @axe0axe0
    Thank You very much for Your efforts, but I've decided to give up and just send it back.
    My files will probably be gone, but oh well...
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