Taichi X370 vs Asus PRIME X370-PRO

I am looking to build a new PC and I plan on going with the Ryzen 7 1700 processor. I have been in a big dilemma lately if I should get either the Taichi X370 or Asus PRIME X370-PRO motherboard.

A couple of points on my usage:
1. I want to try to purchase a motherboard that is somewhat future proof.
2. I do like the latest technology.
3. I am not a gamer at all.
4. This PC will be used more for development purposes. I'll be running Software Development Tools, Database tools, Photoshot and other development tools.
5. Eventually, I want to be able to run 2 to 3 27 inch monitors.

I do want to utilize a M.2 slot for my drive, so having that capability is a requirement for me. If you think another motherboard is better suited for my needs then please, I'm all ears. I do thank everyone in advance for providing their feedback in advance.

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  1. This one is easy. Taichi besides having great reviews, it has been well received and great feedback around many forums as one of the best AM4 motherboards out there.
    You won't go wrong with either, just Taichi is superior.
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