LG Monitor: Mild Hissing Sound & Power LED Blinking

I have an almost 10 yr old LG LCD monitor L177WSB

Of late I have noticed that when I turn on my system, the power button LED starts blinking fadely with a blue color. Under normal conditions, the LED stays a steady Yellow on Standby and Steady Blue on being powered on.

I have to press the power button quite a few times before any display comes up and everytime there is some sort of display on the monitor, like the Mobo Model No, Windows Boot Screen and when the monitor is finally on, I hear a mild hissing sound coming from the back of my monitor. The power button LED finally goes to a steady blue when the monitor is up and running

What could be the reason for this and can this be repaired or is it just good for trash now?

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  1. depending on the cost for a diagnosis, it may just be cheaper to get a newer/larger monitor.
    could be any one of a dozen parts in the power supply causing the issue, could be the switch itself, or it could be 10 years old.
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  2. Thanks for your response.

    I called in an LG engineer who told that the panel is damaged.

    When I try to turn on the monitor, I also get White and Green Flashes on the screen and my PC freezes (I am unable to reset it), the only way is to switch it off from the mains and turn it back on.

    I checked the Event Logs, and found this error logged

    The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: atc

    So before I invest in a new monitor, I wanted to know if this event log indicates a problem with the monitor itself or with its drivers

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  3. make bootable thumb drive with linux on it, boot to the linux on thumb drive. if monitor acts squirrelly in linux it it not the driver.
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