Frequent crashes and freazes on new PC Windows 10.

My name is Himanshu. I built/put together a new PC for the first time myself from parts bought off of online stores after my old PC stopped working. Some parts are from the old PC.

New parts:
Ryzen 5 1600
Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3
G.skill TridentZ RGB 2 x 8gb
NZXT S340 Elite

Old Parts:
Samsung 850 EVO SSD 500GB (OS) (about 6 months old)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD (6+ years old)
Gigabyte Rx 480 8GB. (about 6 months old)

OS: Windows 10 pro 64bit.

My new pc keeps crashing and freazes frequently. Sometimes while playing games and sometimes just browsing or watching a video or working. Sometimes it keeps working alright for a few hours. The crashes are getting more frequent day by day.

As soon as I put it together I ran it using the old OS windows 10 which was already installed on my SSD. It was working fine for a while I but there were a few crashes but less frequent. maybe once a day. But they keep increasing day by day with in a week there were like 5-7 a day. So I formated my SSD and installed win 10 pro 64 bit from a different install media (USB Drive). This time the pattern was exactly the same. It has been about a week now.

I am getting two type of crashes one is a straight restart and other is blue screen error "your pc has run into a problem and needs to restart". Freazes are also of two types. One is when nothing works not even a mouse pointer. In other freaze the screen turns dark red and there is a constant chainsaw like sound out from the speakers.

Last three messages during "your pc has run into a problem"

1.What failed: Cl.dll crashed. I am not sure if its CL or CI sorry I get confused with small L and Capital I.
2. What failed: Win32kfull.sys
3.Driver IRQL not less or equal.

Things I have already tried.
1.I have Bitdefender Total Security 2017 subscription and I ran its full system scan. It found nothing.
2. I have MBAM Premium trial. Ran it. Nothing.
3. Ran AdwCleaner and it removed one adware. (I was also getting many popup in my browsers. This sloved that).
4. Ran Hitman Pro trial scan. It found 151 threats most of them tracking cookies in my browsers and 6 malwares. It removed them.

Since I can't install a DVD drive in the case I am using. I couldn't use the disk which came with motherboard to install drivers. So I went over to Gigabyte's site and downloaded and install:

1. AMD Chipset Driver (include chipset \ sata raid \ USB driver) 17.10.3401
2. Realtek audio drivers
3. Graphics card drivers (from AMD's site)
(4). I couldn't install SATA RAID/AHCI because I don't know how ot. Alhtough on the site it says preinstall driver. I don't know what that means.

I read a bit on a forum about SSD not working properly. I am not sure but this info might be needed?
In the BIOS -> Chipset

APU SATA Port Enable
Chipset SATA Port Enable


Chipset SATA Port0 [Not Installed]
Chipset SATA Port1 [Not Installed]
Chipset SATA Port2 [Not Installed]
Chipset SATA Port3 [Not Installed]

That will be it I think. Sorry for such a long post.
Can you help me please.

Himanshu Vikal
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  1. latest mobo bios update? latest mobo chipset driver?
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  2. Bios is F6. Latest is F7. Should I upgrade? Chipset driver is latest.
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  3. Best answer
    F7 have the latest Update AGESA, that would be yes
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  4. Ok thanks for quick reponse. I will do that asap.
    One thing I forgot to mention. My ram is 3000mhz but its running at something like 2100+. It shows at 1064.5 mhz in cpu-z.
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  5. Is it safe to update the BIOS through Gigabyte's APP Center or should I do it in the BIOS setup during bootup?
    Please share step by step procedure or a link to one. I can't seem to find one. If this is what is needed
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  6. Ok I have updated to latest BIOS F7 throught App Centre. Will report how it is going in a day.
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  7. after update, test to see if the pc work first. then if it does go to bios and set the memory profile
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  8. Ok I updated the BIOS via App Centre and its been a day and not a single crash or freeze. Thanks a lot.
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