What do you think about this build?

So, I was just messing around making a build on pcpartpicker. Anyone think that it needs any adjustments?

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  1. You need the perm link not the url link
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  2. oh
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  3. It has problems.

    The SSD is way too small. You might just barely get Windows on that. There are 1TB hard drives for the same price.

    GPU is over-priced, but not really anything you can do about that though.

    I would say push the budget up to the R5-1600.
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  4. I was planning to just put win 10 on the ssd, I don't really need one that bad. however I've never actually used an ssd before, so idk.

    I think I might get a 1tb hard drive since it's only like $20 more, and I might consider getting an r5-1600
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  5. Actually, I just remembered something. Is it a good idea to get a hybrid? Would it decrease performance if you get one?

    Edit: nvm google gave me the answer for me
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  6. Hybrid drives are an okay solution. You get a small SSD cache and the drive will move commonly used programs to that section of the drive. So you might get decently fast boot times.

    Typically people go for something like a 128GB SSD, though these days I would say the preferred size is 256GB or so. You can always add a large hard drive later.
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