Is my GPU underclocked?

According to my research a GT 940mx's base clock should go beyond a thousand Megahertz... but in the MSI afterburner it only shows 400~ Mhz..... and when I Overclock it.. it only goes about 700~ Mhz..... any help?
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  1. well firstly, it's a laptop GPU, so it has a strict thermal envelope. Those GPU's downclock themselves, when the max power delivery isn't needed. Its to save power (it being a laptop!)

    If you are playing a game, the GPU should bump up to it's base clock, and then turbo clocks if required. This is game dependant.

    Also, i wouldn't be OC'ing the GPU that much, specially on a laptop. Unless it's a gaming laptop which clearly is designed for OC'ing, then you should avoid it as the cooling solution in a laptop is not that forgiving for the extra heat.

    edit: try running a game, and alt-tab out of if it to see what MSI afterburner says whilst gaming. It should say the base clocks. 1.1ghz or whatever the base is for your model GPU
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  2. But the temps while gaming doesnt go above 70c for some reasons... and the temps where below 40 while idle...
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  3. Still no luck... stuck on 796Mhz whem running gta v ultra while benchmarking
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  4. what make /model laptop is it? If it's not designed for OC'ing then don't OC. You may kill your laptop, or at least experience performance issues with extra heat.
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  5. Its an F5-573g....
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  6. AlfreyCruz said:
    Its an F5-573g....

    that's not an OC'able laptop. You can do it, but as I mentioned it's not designed for OC'ing. You run the risk of damaging components, PSU failing and performance degradation. I would not OC that system.

    Like I mentioned, check MSI Afteburner, whilst playing a game. Alt-tab out of the game to see if it's running at it's rated base clock. If so, then your good to go. You know it's just the idle downclock causing the drops in mhz of the core. this is normal in all modern cards. it's a power saving feature.
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  7. 796 to 862 mhz while playing..... ill be updating drivers.... I would like to see if that changes something

    Edit:I also removed the OC cause you said so... lols
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  8. okay, let us know how you get on with driver install.
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