No video output on new pc build.

No video output on new pc build.

I recently built a new computer for myself around 2 months ago. No problem. Now I started building one for my brother, using close to the same parts, but the computer won't output any video from the built in outputs. Vgi or HDMI. I've gin through a full checklist and nothing seems to be out of place. When I turn it on the ram lights up, the case lights up, the hdd spins all the fans spin, but the video won't work. I've made sure the cpu is in correctly, with thermal paste and a cooler on top plugged in (spins) the power supply in plugged into the motherboard and you ports, the front panel plugs in just as I did on my computer with the same motherboard. The cpu has no bent or missing prongs.

Motherboard- Asrock AB350 Pro4
Psu- Corsair TX550M
Cpu- AMD Ryzen 5 1600

If anyone can help or needs more info to do so please let me know. These are all brand new parts.
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    The Ryzen CPUs does not have any integrated graphics, so, you can't use the video outputs from your motherboard.

    You need a GPU (dedicated graphics) and plug your monitor on the video outputs of such GPU (not the motherboard's).
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  2. I will wait for the graphics card to come then, thank you for responding so fast. I got worried as my brother is trusting me to build this. I just wanted to try and get it running asap. I shouldn't freak out until I have all the parts. Thanks so much @raisonjohn
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