Best way to move Windows 10 from old HDD to new PC and SSD

I am currently Building a new PC with SSD M.2 for the first time. I will remove the MOBO, CPU, RAMS and GraphicsCard from my old PC, and replace this components with new components, but keeping the Case, PSU, HDD and the drives.

My question now is:
Can I just Keep the Windows 10 (non-OEM) with all Programms and files in it in the old HDD, then add the SSD and Transfer everything to the SSD and make it the main drive to boot the Windows from?

Or what will be the best and shortest method to have Windows 10 running in my new System and new SSD without loosing any files and Programms ? I know how to Transfer the license of the W10 because it is currently connected to my Microsoft account.

Any advice please? And is the fresh Windows 10 Installation on a SSD is the same as installing it in a sata HDD ?

Thanks for any comment and advice!
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    depends how big your windows 10 install is/how big the drive is. (i.e. your current C: drive)
    If it's larger than the new SSD, you'll have to trim it down so it's smaller than the max SSD size.
    Then you can clone the HDD to the SSD.
    But even if you do, there's still a rather high chance of it acting up and not working right/well.
    So the best option is to install Windows onto the SSD, set it as the main boot device in the bios, then install/attach the HDD and copy over any files you want to keep, and then reinstall your programs.
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