Confused on what monitor to buy


I am currently looking for a 1440p 100-144hz monitor. Im looking for maybe a budget one, but I will gladly pay more just to insure there are no problems. I am quite scared of the dreaded black light bleed and dead pixels so I came to ask for advice.

Thank you.

Edit: almost forgot to include my specs! Here you go:
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  1. lg has taken over samsung , unless you're thinking of BenQ or asus
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    Budget and 1440p / 144hz don't really go together, but Dell has their G-Sync monitors decently priced.


    You can find some budget friendly 144hz 1080p monitors for pretty reasonable sums, but that 1440p requirement bumps you up into the premium arena.

    Up from there are the AVHA and IPS 144hz+ monitors or 3440x1440 100Hz
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  3. A Budget would be useful

    165 Hz IPS @ 1440p w/ 10 bit color comes with the $700 Acer XB270HU
    165 Hz IPS @ 1440p w/ 8 bit color comes with the $800 Asus PG279Q
    144 Hz TN @ 1440p w/ 8 bit color comes with the $630 Asus PG
    144 Hz TN @ 1440p w/ 8 bit color comes with the $645 Dell S2716DG *

    * Also sold as the DGR in retail stores
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