Can no longer OC my r9 280x

So there was a time where I could OC my GPU but now whenever I try to do it my screen just flickers uncontrollably, even when it's just small increments. It even does it when I under clock. It seems stable only at stock settings.

On top of this, every single game I play had it's fps cut in half. I used to be able to get 300+ fps on TF2 in 12 player servers, now I can't break 140 and averages around 110 sometimes getting as low as 80.

My monitor cable IS plugged into the GPU so I know that's not the issue. Anyone have similar problems and possibly know a solution?

I also cleaned out all the dust.

Something else worth to note is that it seemed to be happening only after I was forced to Creators update in windows back in April.

I have a 600W PS
CPU is fx-6300
All temperatures are fine.
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  1. same sort of story here but it seams ok will think about upgrading maybe next year or when I can afford a good upgrade.
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