Corsair H115i or Cryorig R1 Universal for Overclocking i7 7700k

Hi guys!

I am building a gaming pc on my own for the first time and having trouble deciding between Corsair H115i or Cryorig R1 Universal for cooling.

I like the look of Corsair H115i but I am concerned about leaking after reading about some AIO's leaking in some forums.

So i want to know around how much I can expect to overclock i7 7700k with the Cryorig R1 Universal. I know that how much I can overclock also depends on the chip I have in addition to cooling. But I would like to get an estimate.

And if someone can alleviate my concerns about the Corsair H115i I would really prefer to go with it. Its just that the idea of it leaking and destroying my new $2000+ pc is kind of unsettling.

Appreciate any Answers. :)
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  1. It is always possible for any water cooler to leak but pretty rare. When an AIO dies it is far more common that the pump dies and stops moving coolant. If you prefer the look of the h115i no reason not to get it.
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