Ryzen 3 1200 Overclocking cooler choice

I want to overclock a ryzen 3 1200
I have heard the stock cooler is enough to overclock to 3.8 ish, but is this true or do i need a better cooler. (i know in an ideal case i would get a better cooler and be done but i am on a really tight budget)
i would like to get 4.0/3.9 ghz if i could so if i wanted these speeds what cooler would you recomend?
Air coolers only please
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  1. I'm curious why you said air coolers only? I've had a lot of success with liquid coolers. I know there is a 'risk' of leaking and such, but I have never encountered that.

    Now, to address your original question, if you are able to get 3.8 with the standard cooler and you are on a budget, an additional 100 or even 200 mghz is not going to make a difference in your life. If I were on a budget and wanted to make a real difference with a Ryzen system, I would look less at the Ocing and more towards memory speed and GPU quality... I don't have a Ryzen system myself, but a lot of people seem to be getting some good performance with 3200 speed ram... Also, a solid GPU is a given... I'd put my money there...

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  2. OK thankyou
    I just didnt want to deal with a chance of leaking, even if slight.
    yeah i heard the high speed ram works wonders but it is expensive and i worry about compatibility with the motherboard i have found. i have found corsair vengeance 2400 in my range and was going to maybe overclock.
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  3. I'm in a similar situation - I'm about to build a rig with an R3 1200.

    The big question: will it get to 3.8/9 or even 4.0 on stock cooling...?

    Well, apparently it should, yes!
    (There are a few examples. Here's one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIXcJv5sXrU)

    Totally agree with what adamscurr says, by the way - it's really important to apply your cash intelligently, in the most realistic bang-for-buck way.

    At the same time, I also understand there's a degree of pride involved in trying to eek as many clocks as you can from your components - else, you probably wouldn’t be here, right?

    For my build, I'm just going to see whether I won the silicon lottery. If I did - great! And as the cooling solution comes with the CPU, there's no additional cost.

    But if I do feel the need to add better cooling, I'll buy it later - by which time, budget limitations might have improved a bit too... or BIOS revisions... or anything else.

    Hope that helps. Have fun!
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  4. Getting it to 4 can be hit or miss, there are people that can do so using only the stock cooler, and a lot that can't get it to stabilize at 4 even using liquid cooling. 3.9 is for sure doable but I would recommend getting a different cooler if you want to run it at 3.9 or 4. The Thermaltake Contac Silent 12 is a really good and you can pick one up for 25 dollars on Newegg, In addition to cooling better it also also will be a lot quieter than the stock. The Wraith Stealth will almost always be spinning at full RPM and can be quite loud when you overclock to 3.9 or 4.

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