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Newbie here.

I don’t have a question for the community, but maybe have a bit of advice which I hope will help some who are experiencing the continuous Windows BSOD reboot loop.

I have tried and failed many times to solve this issue for so many unfortunates. Googled the issues. Tried command prompts SFC, BOOTREC, CHKDSK etc. None worked.

I tried a trick tonight on a Windows 10 Pro PC which I used to use on Windows XP/Windows 2000 Server/Windows 2003 Server and many other Windows versions.

Basically I booted up with a Windows 10 Pro DVD and went to Troubleshooting, Command Prompt.

Seeing that the Command Prompt started at drive X:, I seen that the Windows drive is on drive D:

From there, i looked around and noticed that Windows 10 stores the registry files in “D:\Windows\System32\config”. Looking further I noticed that a previous backup of the registry files is kept in “D:\Windows\System32\config\RegBack”.

So from the Command Prompt, I typed:

Copy d:\windows\system32\config\*.* d:\windows\system32\config\*.bak

This copies all live registry files to the same files with a “.bkp” extension.

Then also from the Command Prompt, I typed:

Copy d:\windows\system32\config\regback\*.* d:\windows\system32\config /Y

This copies the backup of the registry files on top of the live registry files.

After this, I rebooted the computer and it started up normally.

I did this as a last resort after trying everything else I could think of. I was at the point of starting again and formatting the PC.

I don’t suggest this will work for every BSOD situation, and I definitely will not recommend this unless every other option has been tried and you are at the point of starting again and formatting your PC.

Also, I haven’t tried this when booting from the PC instead of a Windows DVD and choosing the Troubleshooting, Command Prompt.
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  1. You should write up a tutorial, it will be seen by more there and won't just disappear off front page after a day or so :)
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  2. Thanks Colif

    Took your advice and posted the below tutorial:
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