Need suggestions on how to attach a mount arm to monitor to read in bed close up

I find the laptop bulky and would prefer just having a screen weightless that I could prop myself up comfortably in bed and read that way. Does anyone know of a good way to set this up? From the wall to center of the bed is about 25 inches. I also want an arm that rotates vertically. Looking at something between a 24" to 27" monitor. Any suggestions?
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  1. better to get a laptop pillow?

    exactly like the one you put on your lap, with a flat top for laptop. this way you dont kill yourself when you wake up in the morning after forgetting to swing the arm back against the wall. this way you would have to put the laptop and pillow away before you sleep = keeping it safe from nightmares.

    fully mobile swing arms are expensive
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  2. Thanks for the suggestion but I've already tried that, thing is I change positions and everytime I do I have to move the laptop and stand. I have a Zagg tablet case that I put my 10" Galaxy tablet in and the Zagg case is shaped like a laptop with a hard shell and keyboard and it's so light that moving it isn't an issue but would prefer a larger monitor. I know the swing arms are expensive. I have found some that would work for around $200. I have trouble falling asleep so falling asleep with the arm extended isn't an issue.
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