My 75Hz monitor only does 60Hz

*If you cant be bothered to read the whole thing: I got a 75Hz monitor, only does 60Hz, can i use a DisplayPort to DVI-D adapter to get 1080p@75Hz?

I recently bought an ASUS VE248HR Monitor that does 75Hz apparently with analog (Being VGA) and when it came and I got it setup, only did max 60Hz. (using the VGA it came with). After emailing them they said I need to use an HDMI, I really hate HDMI's, we all knoe there horrible, and DisplayPort master race. My computer only has a VGA and DisplayPort, how can I receive 75Hz at 1080p? Do I need a DisplayPort to DVI-D?
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    Question from TempestHD : "DisplayPort to Dvi-D"

    So basically I bough a 75Hz monitor but VGA wont give 75Hz so I'm buying an adapter to convert Displayport to Dvi-D. Will this cable work to get 1080p@75Hz? -

    *Note My PC is DisplayPort and monitor is Dvi-D, can I put the DisplayPort side in the computer and the other side in the monitor? Will that work?
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