Monitor not showing correct Native resolution

So i got a gtx 1080 and a BenQ XL2720T
I installed the drivers for the 1080, got it working fine but when i go to change the resolution it only allows 1024x768 or 800x600. The native of the monitor is 1920x1080 and it pops up every time an incorrect resoltion is shown. I added a custom resolution of this but nvidia refuses to change it to this and windows just won't allow it.
I checked through the drivers of the 1080 and it seems they've been installed fine, But the BenQ is showing up as a Generic non-PnP Monitor and checking the site they only have Win7+8 drivers for the monitor which i've tried to install but don't seem to change anything. I've also tried unplugging both the computer and the monitor and leaving them unpowered for minutes at a time.
I'm using HDMI to connect them if that matters at all.
I'm really at a loss here and i know it's probably something really obvious i've overlooked but any help is much appreciated
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  1. Solved it.
    Went out and bought a dvi lead, now it works fine
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