Need help overclocking my fx8350

Hi guys, i want to overclock my fx8350 i've got a hyper 212 evo also i have a gtx 970 with a super oc and my mobo is Smart thermaltake 650w 80 bronze certificated, i wanted to know how far can i get? with this specs ive just researched and i can get until 4,5 but i'm not quite sure so i came here to make a question for you guys, thank you!
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  1. u should experiment this by urself, see which ghz is giving u the most stable-performance friendly
    since this is all depends on real world situation and the sillicon lottery
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  2. 3 things you need to know.
    1. Max safe operating temp for that cpu is 62c. Sure you can go higher but you risk the cpu.
    2. At 72c the cpu will throttle down to protect itself.
    3. Keep the cpu voltage under 1.5v

    Here is a tutorial. There are many online. Study a bit before you try to overclock.
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  3. Yeah, i just got to change my thermal paste, whats the best option to put it on?? Also i have open air case so, i'll be sending some feedback on how it goes for sure!
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  4. I use mx4. It is non conductive, works well, and is not too expensive.
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  5. 650w can handle such overclock? At least 4,5 pulling out the refrigeration and the temps. I wanna know whether 650w aren't going to take me down thank you again btw! I'll check it out said thermal paste for sure ;)
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  6. 650w will be enough for that setup. Not sure about hitting 4.5ghz safely with that cooler though it might be ok. Good luck to you.

    My temps on mx4.
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  7. Sorry for being so annoying but i notice that i didn't even put my mobo, it's asus m5a97 r2.0, it can handle it too?
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  8. Well that is not the best overclocking motherboard out there. But I am pretty sure you can get something out of it. The 970 chipset will probably get you 4.4ghz
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  9. I love hearing that, and also i would love telling you how it went, i know it's a little bit of luck too, thank you for all of your answers and the patience!!
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  10. Welcome
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