Windows won't boot without both the HDD and SSD

Hello, I just needed a quick CD-ROM, took the one in my drawer, installed it and because my PSU only has two Sata Power Connectors, I disconnected the HDD.
Windows is installed on my SSD, so I expected it to boot up, it didn't.
"Please insert media into boot device..."
Swapped ports on motherboard, still didn't work.
Worked as soon as I connected the HDD.
Why is it this way? I didn't clone the drive, I cleanly installed directly to the SSD.
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  1. did you check if you use the first sata port on the board for the ssd and that you dont have original os on the hdd so system sse it as boot device .
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  2. I did, as I said above.
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  3. this sytem is a prebuilt and could you chek in bios if ssd is set as first boot device since system dont find boot loader on it and only on the hdd .
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  4. It's not prebuilt. As I said above, I. myself did a clean install of Windows directly to the SSD, the HDD wasn't even plugged in.
    SSD is set as first boot device.
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  5. lakimens said:
    Why is it this way?

    Post screenshot from DIsk Management.
    Most likely you installed windows onto SSD with HDD still connected to the system - resulting in situation, when bootloader is on hdd, but windows on SSD.
    This type of configuration requires both drives be present, to boot windows.
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  6. I see, it seems like the 500MB drive is onto the HDD. But I do think it was disconnected when I installed Windows.
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  7. Yep - bootloader 500mb partition is on 300GB drive and windows is on 120GB drive.
    Do you want to move bootloader to 120GB drive?
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  8. Would be good if it's possible.
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    It's quite easy.
    1. Shrink C: partition by 500MB
    2. Make a new primary partition in freed up space, format NTFS, drive letter X:
    3. Make the new partition active
    4. execute command from elevated command prompt:
    5. Reboot your pc into BIOS, change boot priority so that 120GB drive is first
    6. Reboot and done
    After that you can disconnect your 300GB drive and system should be able to boot without it.
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  10. Thank you very much! I will probably be doing that. I had a urgent need of a CD-ROM, the moment has passed now, but I might still move it just in case.
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  11. you could something similar to this and get on your dvd drive in system .
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  12. I'd rather give $20 more and buy a good PSU. $30 to make something that costs $10 work? Nah, too much.
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