I have a hdmi through my gpu and a dvi in my motherboard but the dvi does not work

I have a gtx 1060 6gb and my motherboard is a asus b150 and i cannot afford a display port or an adapter, any options?
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    The motherbd video ports are for the soon to be released AM4 APU's so they do not work with Ryzen nor your discreet GPU.

    While you did not clearly explain what you need, Look in the box your GPU came in, there might be the adapter you need right in there already.

    Otherwise If you cannot truly afford a Display port to whatever connector type you need for your display then sell the 1060 6gb card and grab a 3gb version and an adapter instead. The 6gb models are valuable to cypto-miners so you should make a nice profit if you've had it a while.
  2. the dvi port is not working because you have a discrete graphics card enabled. Look for a way in either the bios or windows device manager to enable onboard graphics. The previous poster misread b150 as a ryzen b350 motherboard. Your intel cpu will have integrated graphics.
  3. Oh you are right! Thanks for catching that!
  4. popatim said:
    Oh you are right! Thanks for catching that!

    No problem. Hopefully you will return the favor some day when I screw up. Lol
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