The Tom's Hardware Definitive List of PC Games: Best Puzzle Games

The Tom's Hardware Definitive List of PC Games: Best Puzzle Games

Are we living in a new "golden age" for PC Gaming? Of course, it is impossible to give a definitive answer. The distance of time and a heaping dose of nostalgia are both necessary prerequisites for any "golden age". And, while it may be easy to argue the merits of one generation over another, one thing is abundantly clear: PC Gaming in 2017 is more widespread and more accessible than ever before. The maturation of digital distribution, a new diversity of platforms, and the adoption of x86 CPU architecture by console manufactures have together, created the perfect environment for a PC Gaming renaissance. PC Gamers have access to more games than ever before, including overlooked titles from past generations and current games that would have been either too costly or too difficult to port. Games are so ubiquitous that you're more likely to hear complaints of having too many games, rather than too few. The number of "good" games is now so great that even the hardest of the most hardcore gamers struggle in their search to find the very best.

To help navigate this brave new world for gaming, Tom's Hardware is in the process of assembling the definitive list of PC games in a number of genres. We've already put a few lists together, but the number of titles is lacking. While the Tom's Hardware Editorial team is few in number, the Tom's Hardware Community is legion. With your input we hope to assemble a list of the best and worst PC games that can truly be called definitive. Over the next few weeks we'll be collecting Community feedback across multiple categories. Once we have a sufficient number of submissions, we'll have the Community vote on the most popular, with a showcase of the winning games on the Tom's Hardware homepage.

This thread will decide the best games with the best puzzles.

To help get you started here are the Editorial Team's list:

May the best game win!

The Witness

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Grim Fandango Remastered

Portal 2
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  1. Day of the Tenticle


    Monkey Island

    (dammit im showing my age here).
  2. Portal
    Commander Keen
  3. The Talos Principle. Surprised it's not on the editorial list.

    Portal and Portal 2.
  4. anort3 said:
    The Talos Principle. Surprised it's not on the editorial list.

    Portal and Portal 2.

    We had to leave some games for you to suggest :D
  5. Myst.
  6. Facility47, on Android, is pretty cool!.. Far into the game (way past what's available in the demo), there's a GREAT Easter Egg (type-thing); on a computer terminal... Maybe best to leave it as a surprise, I was quite astounded to find it - and, perhaps, you'd be, too! :)


    P.S. Um, has it been mentioned: teh ScummVM emulator engine can run some great DOS and early Windows games (Lucas Arts and such).
  7. The first and greatest - Myst
  8. Portal
    Portal 2
  9. Loved Monkey Island. Click-Adventures are wonderful. The 7th Guest was a good one too, and it is noteworthy as the first game to feature FMV.
    Portal and Portal 2 also certainly deserve a mention.
  10. Anyone here heard of Rusty Lake?
  11. The Neverhood.
  12. <-----------------

    hajila said:
    The Neverhood.
  13. Riven and Syberia
  14. The Myst series and Portal 2.
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