Please can someone give me command prompt help

Can anyone give me anything to type into command prompt to get rid of virus or malware?
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  1. Do you really think all viruses/malwares get removed the same way?

    Only universal option is to wipe hdd and reinstall OS.
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  2. You need to download a variety of programs to get rid of something.

    Can you be more specific
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  3. Ok , well I'm getting blue screened and i know it's from malware or anti-virus so if anybody can give me a couple of things to type into command prompt that might work it would be appreciated
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  4. I doubt your bluescreens are being caused by a virus, what makes you think that?

    Given the almost complete lack of context or details, there's no way someone could give you a command to run to fix your PC, if such a command(s) even exists.
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  5. Blue screen is usually not a virus or malware.

    RAM or HDD failure is likely.
    Can you get into "safe mode"?
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  6. BSDO can be caused by virus. easily. Virus and malware tend to do whatever they can to hide themselves in your system. Sometimes even posing as a driver. In doing so it can cause blue screens. However, its not a common thing to find.

    I'd rule out everything. Run malwarebytes, spybot, adaware removal tool and do a virus scanner check. Then do some basic maintenance such as running CCleaner, clean the registry and etc...

    These are easy things you can do to mostly rule out an infection as the issue and you can focus on the other aspects such as a driver conflict or hardware issue etc...
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  7. Ok, well then I think I have been lied too LOL. I took my computer down to a tech store so that they can fix the blue screen problem and after a while they said that they had fixed it and that the problem was malware and viruses, after this I took my computer home plug it in and it blue screens.... so unless they are lying to me, I have no fucking clue what to do. When I gave it to them it also had a restore point and now I have it back the restore point is gone ,so i feel like they fucked up and are trying to cover there tracks at this point. But besides that let's get back to the issue at hand, my ram seems to be fine, I don't know about my hardrive though, I have tried going into safe mode but I get blue screened, so if anyone has any bright ideas that would be greatly appreciated
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  8. Sucks... call the shop and talk to the owner, see what he says about it. They should backup their work.

    Also, get a new HDD (actually, get an SSD 256GB class) and reload the system, and then transfer you stuff off the old HDD, format it and use it as a data drive.
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  9. Quick question then if I was to get an ssd how would i transfer my * to it. I know how to transfer stuff to it with a working hdd but if my hdd is Brocken and blue screening wouldn't I run into problems when i try to transfer my data over
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  10. Well, if your HDD is actually failing, you're going to have a hard time getting stuff off it no matter what you do.

    What operating system do you have? If you have Windows 10, you can download the ISO and create a bootable USB with it straight from MS. The you would boot off that USB with only the SSD connected and install Windows. After, re-connect the HDD and it should show up as just another drive. You can then copy whatever you need off it to the SSD/external storage or whatever.
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  11. That's sounds great, for once in my life I'm happy I have windows 10 LOL. Ok well I have to go for today but I will be back tomorrow for an update on what is going. Thank you so much everybody for helping me ;)
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  12. Click the "Download tool now" link here:
    You'll need a USB stick at least 4GB in size.

    When you're asked for a product key during installation, just click "I don't have a key" (or something like that). Your license is tied to your machine (motherboard), Windows will automatically verify and activate itself later.
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  13. Thank you for all the help, i have finally fixed the problem :)
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  14. You are welcome. If someone's comment assisted in resolving the issue. Please mark them as a solution.
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