$143 1TB Crucial SSD - Too good to be true?

Hello everyone! I was looking for an SSD that wouldn't break the bank, and i found this.
Crucial - 1TB Internal SATA SSD

From what i have seen, a 1tb ssd normally costs upwards of $300, so I'm wondering weather this is too good to be true. I have no doubt that Crucial is a very good brand, but I don't know what to think.

Please take a look at the link, is this a trustworthy website? Is this at least a decent SSD?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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  1. I wouldn't chance it. If you can buy through PayPal because they have payment protection and if it's dud then you can claim the money back and PayPal will get it for you. You might need to wait 6 weeks for the refund but you will get it. The website doesn't look trustworthy to me. Hope this helps in some way :)
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  2. ^ Agreed.

    First, it is even cheaper than refurb units from Crucial that come up from time to time.

    Second, I use hosts file blocking to block spam and illicit sites -- and that one is blocked.
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