Z170 Pro Gaming with 4x3Tb drives RAID6. What RAID controller would you recommend?

I am setting up RAID6 for the first time and it has been recommended that I do not use the inbuilt RAID on the Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard due to complications with the M2 port when this is done.

I am happy to buy a RAID controller, but am unsure what I should be looking for, but would ideally be looking at the cheaper end of things.

Intended use - primary longer term storage and playing of movies / TV shows.

Any thoughts? Recommendations? Things to watch out for?
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  1. You can't do RAID6 on your motherboard's chipset controller anyway. You could do a RAID-5 however.

    I actually wouldn't recommend RAID-6 with 4 x 3TB drives. I'd RAID-5 those all day. You'll read a lot of stuff around the web about not using RAID-5, and some of its warranted and some not so much really, but especially with 3TB drives I wouldn't sweat it. More importantly, do not use RAID thinking that's the way you should be solely protecting your data. You can still lose everything with RAID-6. RAID-5 for your storage array and back that data up to something else also (just an externally connected 8TB single drive even).

    As far as controllers go, there's a ton. What cost do you consider "the cheaper end?" With that we can throw a few recommendations. But you should absolutely be able to use the on-board chipset RAID as the lowest cost solution if you're OK with RAID-5.
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