TV won't work with pc please help :(

So I have two TVs, one is a 50 inch Panasonic which is my main TV, use it for xbox and watching things and whatnot, so if I plug my gaming pc into the hdmi on my big TV, works perfectly fine from the motherboard socket and the gpu socket, my problem is on this second TV which is a Samsung 2333HD, the pc works perfectly on it if the hdmi is on the motherboard but if it's plugged into the graphics card the TV displays "No Signal" and I don't know how to get it to work and it's bugging the life out of me, any help much appreciated :)
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    It will be the refresh rate or resolution set in your gfx properties.
    Ajust the refresh rate whilst on your big telly then swap to the other one .
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  2. How would I do that?
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  3. Nevermind I'll Google it :p
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  4. That did the trick, thanks a lot mate!
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  5. Glad to help
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