Looking for a quality/reasonably priced 1440p (2K), 144hz monitor

I've got a budget of about $200-$400 to spend on a new monitor for my PC, as my old 1080p one is dying out. I want a monitor that has a higher refresh rate than 60hz and 2K is a must. 25" to 27" is about the size I'm looking for. I mostly use my computer for movies and gaming so a good TN panel should suffice since I know IPS drives the price way up. If anybody's had any good experiences with monitors like this then I'd love some feedback!
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  2. I am using an ASUS PB277Q: 1440p, TN Panel, 75Hz, 1ms response time, VESA compatible. I am very happy with it. Usually goes for $310-$320. Considerably less than the Dell S2417DG, which has a smaller display than the ASUS, and is ~$70 more expensive.
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  3. ^ the dell has a 144hz panel, overclockable upto 165hz ;)
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  4. Thanks guys! Went for the Dell to get that 144hz and was convinced after reading some pretty solid reviews. Really appreciate the help!
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