Building a new rig Budget is £2500. Could you guys help a novice?

New to the forum. Self proclaimed peasant. Basically Im building a new rig from scratch. (I'm not physically building it). I have a budget of 2.5k for the computer as well as a keyboard and mouse. My main question is, I no longer want to sit at my desk and play on a monitor. I would like to try and build it around working well on my 49 inch 4k LG TV. Is it possible to even build a rig that will perform fairly stable at 4k on my tv for that money if at all? Thinking about the 1080ti as I think its my best shot gpu wise for my budget. I just don't want to dump 2 and a half large into a pc if its not going to perform well on a screen of that size at 4k and would rather save the funds until I find a way of doing it. Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. The TV should just bump down to the resolution it can actually handle.
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  2. Okay so would you say a 1080ti would be worth the investment playing on that screen?
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    Honestly the TV can handle it. All the TV is doing is displaying whats happening on the computers side. Really, the computer is doing all the work.
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  4. Perfect. Yeah I just went into it too much I think. Was reading about how it has to work harder to provide the 4k at a decent fps on a big screen and that the quality and fps takes a massive hit. Cheers for your reply mate. 2.5k better get me somewhere close to a decent 4k gaming experience or I'll be back on the ps4 haha
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