Screen Tearing Solutions without V-sync ?

Hi guys, i want to hear some opinions on the following matter :
Its a fact that higher fps, even going above monitor refresh rate, provides a much smoother gaming experience. That's not open for debate, from personal opinion, its indeed smoother.

Now the thing is, could there be a way to remove screen tearing without using v-sync ? I have a gtx 1060 and gaming on a 1080@60Hz monitor. I'm using a cheap (don't know version) hdmi cable. Monitor has no g-sync etc technologies . My monitor doesn't have a dvi connector as well . Any ideas ?

I have seen people gaming far above monitor's refresh without and gsync etc stuff and have 0 tearing.
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  1. I disagree going over 60fps is smoother on a 60Hz.

    You can frame cap at 59/60 fps using a program like MSI afterburner if the game doesn't have the option. This way you don't get the lag associated with v-sync.
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  2. I can use v-sync and cap every game or od it manually from its settings on 60fps, thats not the problem. I want to be able to play with unlimited fps and remove the tearing if that is possible. 200fps vs 60 fps have a huge difference even on a 60Hz monitor. I dont know if what im asking is actually possible, i actually think its unlikely. In my opinion 144Hz is the only way to go if you want smoothness. But what troubles me is that recently i have seen people gaming on 60Hz panels with unlimited fps and have 0 screen tearing. One of them, is gaming on a laptop, i odnt know if that makes a difference.
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