M.2 SSD or Intel Optane

Which one should i get and whats the benafits
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  1. Shadow27 said:
    Which one should i get and whats the benafits

    Absolutely the SSD, be it 2.5", m.2 (SATA or NVMe), or PCI-e.

    Optane is simply a (small..16 or 32GB) cache for an HDD. An SSD is fast across the whole drive.
    Optane is a niche product right now...basically in the same place SSD's were several years ago. Too small and expensive to be useful by itself, so just a cache for a spinning drive.

    But...it is the new fancy buzzword.
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  2. Yeah we're 5 years from optane making any actual sense for anyone not making money with their computer. It also underdelivered so bad on it's initial promises I honestly wonder if it'll every catch on.
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